Back-filling, Drainage & Utilities

All-Terrain Excavating Ltd. specializes in back-filling, drainage and utility services preparation across Squamish, Whistler and the Sea to Sky. All-Terrain Excavating Ltd. works on installing adequate sanitary, storm and water mains for municipal, commercial and industrial projects. Working with utilities companies All-Terrain Excavating Ltd. prepares sites for the underground installation of hydro, cable and water utilities.

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Perimeter Drainage
All-Terrain Excavating Ltd. provides the best residential, construction and industrial perimeter drainage services in the Sea to Sky. Whether replacing current drainage or installing new drainage All-Terrain Excavating Ltd. has the equipment and skilled team to get the job done quickly and to the highest standard. Previous work includes site preparation for the replacement of water lines, preparing ground for new drainage systems and land prep for new pump systems.
Sanitary, Storm & Water Mains
All-Terrain Excavating Ltd. specializes in site preparation for the installation of sanitary, storm and water mains. After initial consultation with the client All-Terrain Excavating Ltd. expertly prepares the ground-work for the installation of mains on large scale and small scale projects.
Hydro, Cable & Telephone Underground Installations
All-Terrain Excavating Ltd. works with Utilities companies for the safe and proper installation of services such as hydro, cable and television. Underground installation of utility services calls for specialised equipment and a highly skilled team. AAll-Terrain Excavating Ltd. is the trusted name in the Sea to Sky for utilities services installations.
When a job is done and when soil needs to be back-filled into a hole or trench, All-Terrain Excavating Ltd. is the company to call. Understanding soil conditions and specific job requirements is important before back-filling a project. All-Terrain Excavating Ltd. has experience on various jobs, big and small, with back-filling and compaction with varying soil and site conditions.