Landscaping Services

Rock & Retaining Walls
All-Terrain Excavating Ltd. in Squamish, BC works on residential, commercial and industrial projects providing landscaping services including the installation of rock and retaining walls. Working on various construction projects in the Sea to Sky, All-Terrain Excavating Ltd. works with developers and builders to prepare sites and construct rock and retaining walls of varying complexity.

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All-Terrain Excavating Ltd. has experience with various landscaping projects from excavating and site preparation, grading, leveling, and reshaping the ground, digging and landscaping for water features, driveway demolition or construction and more. With specialized equipment and a fully skilled and trained team, All-Terrain Excavating Ltd. can create stunning and practical landscapes for residential, commercial and industrial clients.
Rock Walls
Whether for aesthetics or functionality, All Terrain Excavation builds rock walls that stand the test of time. All Terrain works with clients to determine the best style of wall and most suitable materials. With a specialised fleet and experience creating rock walls on steep slopes, and near impossible terrain, All Terrain is the excavation company to call for rock wall projects big and small.
Retaining Walls
All-Terrain Excavating Ltd. has experience installing properly engineered retaining walls that provide safety and functionality. Important considerations for drainage are assessed to ensure hydro static stress doesn’t accumulate (which can cause wall failure). All-Terrain Excavating Ltd. uses the right materials for the project and ensures a durable and long lasting wall is constructed.